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Supported by a loving couple who now have five beautiful children through the service. We are here to find your perfect surrogate.

find a surrogateThey have the experience and knowledge about the difficulties and legal issues surrounding surrogacy and finding the surrogate mother that matches your exact desires and requirements.

We are able to provide you with suitable options searching our extensive database and specifying anything requirements you have such as a non-smoker, to their diet. We have sourced surrogates from all around the world, and as our name suggests, we are a premier service.

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Premier Surrogacy Agency is part of BSC-America

One of the most well respected surrogacy and fertility agencies in the world who have been creating families by surrogacy since 1996.
We can help you to find a surrogate, we have a large list of available including egg donors and we have locations in California, New Jersey and the UK

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